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(Regd. No. – 284/12)

DE Addiction program

The program for drug addiction and alcoholism in ADAPT is for a period of 2 or 3 months. Our treatment method is a combination of Medication and Psychotherapy.

First month:


During the first month, we concentrate on the physical part of the disease as most of the patients undergo withdrawal symptoms which could last anywhere between 3 to 5 days.  During this period, the focus would be on treating and helping the patient in overcoming the withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of a doctor and nursing attendants available at our center. As the patient stabilizes he/she will be introduced into the group for the further course of treatment.


Second to Third months:


During these months, the patient will be attending sessions conducted by our counselors on varying aspects of recovery to help and encourage patient in developing coping skills leading to a life of abstinence and recovery. The sessions will be based on psychotherapy.


  • Psychological Evaluation

During the treatment the patient will undergo the psychological evaluation if deducted for dual diagnosis the psychiatric treatment will be provided as per the need.


  • Cognitive therapy

This session is designed to help in identifying and expressing the patient’s emotional and psychological feelings in an acceptable manner.  (Thoughts and feelings)


  • Behavior therapy

The Session will induce self reflection on the patient’s past behavior and its consequence on the patient’s life which would help in understanding and accepting the ill effects of ones actions directly on self, the immediate family and society at large.


  • Attitude change

In general, people suffering from this disease tend to carry an arrogant attitude towards their families, friends and the society. The reason for such behavior stems from their own shortcomings and character defects, which needs to be addressed in detail to bring about a profound personality change.  This session would concentrate on adapting an approach towards changing the negative attitude of the patient. 


  • Denial breaking

The chemically dependent people and the family denies 


  • Step work

This session is designed to introduce the client to the 12 step program followed by AA/NA, the most acclaimed and accepted program worldwide in treatment of addiction.


  • Group therapy

In this session the patient is give an opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the importance of communication as a medium of expressing his/her emotions in a controlled manner, seeking and giving help, creating their own support system, etc. This session helps in building ones self-confidence and in inculcating respect for others in the society.


  • In House Meetings

There will be meetings held inside the center which are similar to the meetings based on the 12 step program of AA/NA a self help group.

The patient will also be taken to outside meetings so as to get him/her familiar with the concept of AA/NA. A better understanding of the programme would prompt the patient to make the best use of its benefits for healing and recovery.

These meetings are part of the aftercare treatment; the participation in these meetings would help the patient in sustaining recovery.
The patients will have to follow a stringent daily schedule starting from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm which will be appropriately devised to provide ample time for sessions, step working, recreation and meeting.

The patients would be trained to spend a good one hour in the early mornings for physical exercise.

We have some indoor games for the clients as recreation facility; they will get to watch movies on weekends.

On the whole, the three months would concentrate on the overall personality development and physical fitness of the patient apart from the core issue of enabling the patient to recover and rehabilitate from the sickness.

Our total endeavor would be to make the patient a better person who would not only prosper in his life but also contribute to the well being of his immediate family and society at large.

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