(Government License No. – 122)
(Regd. No. – 284/12)

Old age /Elderly Care program

Care and affection also is a large part of ADAPT’S philosophy. On a regular basis, this is provided by the Staff, volunteers and social workers and daily visits by the Trustees of ADAPT. The loving and tender care of ADAPT Team always bring smiles to the faces of the elders who would otherwise be on the brink of despair and dejection. ADAPT means Settle in or find your feet or Get a feel for, and they prove that beyond doubt.


The Sai Sundaram Care Home (a unit of ADAPT Trust) at Nedungundram nearby Perungulathur provides accommodation for the seniors with comforts and homemade vegetarian & non vegetarian food (inclusive Tea. Coffee, snacks, etc…).

A day at Sai Sundaram starts with a cup of brewed coffee or Tea and Morning Prayer followed by Yoga & Meditation sessions by professionals. Breakfast. Then during lunch, all seniors are provided with a vegetarian and non vegetarian lunch which is then followed by a short afternoon siesta. Coffee/tea and biscuits are served later in the afternoon and dinner follows, and the day ends with a Shanthi Prayer.

All the residents are provided with a comprehensive medical checkup prior to admission and their health is also taken care of by visiting General, psychiatrist, homeopathic and Ayurveda physicians. They are also visited periodically by a Reiki master.

ADAPT TRUST is a DeAddictionCentres.IN directory member